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Rock Band Songs!

Harmonix recently announced the opening of the Rock Band network to developers and music makers to upload and sell thier song as rock band tracks (See: and


When we heard that Harmonix will release Rock Band Network, our enthusiastic team jumped at the opportunity to get involved in one of our all-time favorite games.  We started making tracks of our own of music from our games, and have been making a few tracks for Israeli bands and independent artists using the Rock Band creation tools that Harmonix has released.


We are looking to make many more songs in the near future, before the Rock Band Network store opens.


If you represent a record-label, or you’re an independent artist, we are here for you; willing to put all our knowledge, skill and resources to get your music out for the Rock Band crowd, in the best possible way.


Please contact us, for your first step into the Rock Band community.


More details about us and our company at:

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