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The Carsitters

The Carsitters

The Carsitters are an energetic pop-rock band. The group’s material is based on various artistic and musical influences, forming into hot and fresh pieces, leaving the clichés and saccharine out of the equation.


Both vocalists, Noa Margalit and Yoav Rosenthal, lead the group with direct intense and honest singing, while the Etay Maor on the bass and Yoni Ohayon sitting on drums create a solid ground, combining into a rich sound filled with hooks.


The ‘Sitters new album “No Time” (Released 26.8.09 in the Major Israeli label “Helicon”), is a quality rhythmic pop album, filled with many musical layers along with sincere, everyday’s reality lyrics, taken from moments in life. 
The energies, ambitions and amazing drive hidden in the group, combines with their melodies and live aggressive production – simply a pop pearl with a familiar college rock sound.


The band accumulated its mileage regarding live performances, both locally and internationally, by touring in Europe and Israel, they had gained local success and also professional contacts .After several years of experiencing all types of shows, the band kicks ass both in the studios and live…


Currently, the quartet continues its performances through Israel, not pausing for a moment. Along with their preparations for the upcoming tour of the album “NO TIME” in Europe.


The Carsitters are:

Noa Maraglit – Vocals And Guitars

Yoav Rosenthal – Vocals And Guitars

Etay Maor – Bass

Matan Shmuely – Drums


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